Now developer Blue Isle Studios declared some brand new material coming to their newly released game Citadel: Forged with Fire as a part of its weekly update.

First off, a brand new creature was added in the form of The Divine Unicorn, which naturally players may use to float the map around.

In addition to this, players will have the ability to make a new pair of armor called the Tempered Iron Armor, that features a top defense stat. The downside however, is that it requires a slew of materials to craft, therefore it might take a while in order to obtain it.

A brand new patch also accompanied the release of the content. You can check out the list of patch notes under:


  • Heal Beam once again functions nicely on construction pieces
  • Deconstructor will now properly destroy the intended items
  • Destroyed storage chests now drop loot bags
  • Can’t build magic structures submerged
  • Improved Transmuter mana use to prevent an extreme resource creation harness
  • Increased damage on assault tower magic structures

User Interface

  • Additional fixes for menus on 4:3 screens
  • New World Create display
  • Server Name now looks in-game
  • Mount button removed for unmountable monsters

Other Optimizations, Fixes & Tweaks

  • Server structure improvements to deliver non-functional servers straight up
  • Decreased concentration of uncommon enemies in some areas
  • Fixed Elixir of Amnesia not eliminating armed spells
  • Patched up spots that allowed construction under the terrain

Ultimately, a brand-new trailer showing off the two new parts of content has been also released. You can take a look in the article’s close.

The game’s first update, which was released a week after its launching, additional five new crafting recipes, also a brand new item of armor, plus a brand new weapon.

Citadel: Forged with Fire is now a component of Steam’s Early entry program, and has been since July 26th, 2017. A PlayStation 4 along with Xbox One variant of this game are also however the launch date is unknown.

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