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Today Bandai Namco introduced a lot of screenshots of its forthcoming third-person shooter/action JRPG Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet.

The game has a third-person shooter style reprodicing Gun Gale Online, but it keeps RPG elements like personality increase and customization, a good narrative enclosing both players, and relationship varies along with different personalities.

The screenshots we view today showcase a number of those gun types included in the game: gatling guns, rocket launchers, hand guns, and shotguns. The battle system is action-based, such as shooting sliding and when dodging such as moves.

As mentioned before, the placing of this game is the digital MMO shooter   Gun Gale Online which seems on the next season of Sword Art Online. It’s a world destroyed by war, populated by those who fled board using a colonization area craft. Dominated by guns and steel, players strive to become the very best gunners. Since Player Killing is potential, they plan to win not only again critters, but also against other players.

We get to see some of the regions of the game, including the capital city SBC Glocken, the ruins in the wasteland, the desert, and the South area.

Last, but not least, the screenshots showcase Kirito and Sinon, and of course a little glance on Asuna and Leafa, that will show up in the game.

If you want to see more of the game, you can check out the very first trailer along with a gameplay movie.

The game will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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