A game about creating a more relaxing experience, in   Fugl you create your own narrative whilst soaring the sky with a variety of birds over a procedurally created, voxel world which includes tropical beaches, snowy mountains, vast deserts, windswept caves, old forest, and more.

Inhabiting this planet is a array of wildlife that has hundreds of animals, and even the mythical monster that is infrequent. Encountering animals isn’t a encounter rather your shape bird will probably take on flying behaviors inspired by said animals and new traits.

The game also offers a level founder and the capacity to customize your birds, which allows for a more private experience depending on how much you make the most of each.

Fugl is poised to launch via Historical Access on September 14th. In its Early Access type, it will only be available for both Mac and PC. But once the release comes during early 2018, cellular and VR support is going to be included.

Below, you can check out the newest, aforementioned preview:

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