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Ten decades back, a small Polish programmer released The Witcher, a game made using BioWare’s Aurora Engine, and lots of instantly detected that it had something special.

It may have been the unmistakable and somewhat rare Eastern European flavor, the lovable character, the dark comedy, or maybe the fact that the good folks at CD Projekt did’t even seem to provide a fu*k about traditions and political correctness, but the magic was already there.

Ten decades later, following two sequels, we can readily say that the disciples have abundantly overtaken the pros, along with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is one of the best RPGs ever made.

To celebrate, CD Projekt RED released a video comprising Geralt of Rivia himself. It takes a couple of seconds to understand who the message is targeted to, but if you realize that its when it will become emotional, that ’ s.

Geralt might have arrived at the conclusion of the reckless adventurers, however we’ll certainly never forget him, as we await what will almost inevitably come next.

Ill miss you, and Im not the one.

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