PC, PS4, Xbox One

Now Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bungie released a brand-new preview of the upcoming online first-person shooter Destiny 2.

The trailer includes a new attribute named “adventures,” which are basically side quest which can be found in the exploration areas, and that let you get some more snippets of lore concerning the planet and its personalities, on top of the inevitable loot in an NPC named Devrim Kay.

Another trailer lets you fulfill Drevrim himself, even a sniper which functions and provider of both loot and rewards.

You may check them out below, and if you want to see more, you may enjoy a different trailer revealing the map, one displaying the European Dead Zone from a couple of days agothe new and hilarious live action trailerthe prologue mission listed a couple of days ago in the PC beta by yours truly, and a batch of lovely screenshots showing   how good the game looks on Windows.

If you’re interested in seeing and reading even more, you can take a look at our content on the European Dead Zone itself, Lost Sectors and Loot Farming,  and   Heroic Public Events.

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