In 2014 the online functionality of Star Wars: Empire at War was closed down following the closing of Gamespy.

Now, three decades later, developer Petroglyph Games and Disney have launched a new update that brings back multiplayer service for its  Star Wars RTS. Giving you a reason to get the game onto Steam again.

Here’s a Brief list of All of the changes added to Empire at War in Petroglyph’s newest update:

If you would like’t know, Empire at War is an real-time-strategy game that takes place throughout the Galactic Civil War about the Star Wars timeline. It featured troops which were not in the movies as well as exhilarating ground combat comprising vehicles, ships, and insanely epic space battles.

The game even got a really cool expansion pack called   Forces of Corruption.   It places you into the shoes of a pirate faction seeking to go head to head with the Rebels and The Empire.   Empire at War also featured a very cool modding community that added a whole lot of replay value to the game.

Star Wars: Empire at War is available now on PC.

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