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It’s’s no secret that Final Fantasy XV is a beloved title at DualShockers among both the staff and our readers, and though we are coming up on almost annually since it released after a decade and in development, the upcoming few months will offer much more ways to go through the expansive RPG for two vastly different classes of players.

During New York Comic Con this weekend, we had the opportunity to take a look at demos on the show floor for each of the upcoming brand new iterations of Final Fantasy XV: the mobile-friendly “Pocket Edition” forthcoming later this year, along with the upcoming “Windows Edition” heading to PC early next year.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

I started out with   Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition in an iPad Guru, and as seen from the show trailer released previously, there’s as much to look forward to at the back version of annually’s acclaimed RPG as there could have been first trepidation towards doing with it, given its launch on mobile devices. But from the brief moment which I played the Pocket Edition, I’d mention that there’s actually quite a lot to look forward to from the mobile launch of Final Fantasy XV, particularly coming from a person who hardly touches most cellular games at this point.

It’s’s easy to be skeptical about cellular releases at the age of microtransactions and in-app purchases, however  Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition actually does an admirable job of recording the grand adventure from the console big brothers.   The Pocket Edition from what we played ismuch more or less, the encounter that games players obtained from the RPG but with a few differences tailored specifically towards a mobile-friendly format.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

The new visual mode feels perfect for cellular and gets the encounter equally as magical as the console version of the game, especially given the dialogue and back-and-forth between the numerous members of your party (with the original game’s voice acting intact). The one thing that I’ll mention is that the characters’ lack of moving mouths shot some getting used to, however the game’s style is not difficult to appreciate, particularly on bigger screens like the Guru I played on.

While the visuals may be a radical shift from the first launch, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition translates its gameplay to some simplified fashion for mobiles quite well. Moving across the maps is as simple as simply tapping on the display (or holding back on the screen to move Noctis wherever you’d like), and pressing deleting or items abilities feels easy with the touch screen.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

Combat is where the demo showed some extra changes from Final Fantasy XV, and while the combat is a lot simpler this time round, it doesn’t miss the thrilling, epic nature of those fights from the console versions. Simply Noctis will move over to start assaulting it, and attacks from Ignis/Prompto/Gladiolus can be used when onscreen prompts are tapped at times. Likewise, players may counter or dodge incoming strikes including dynamic elements to the battle.

While these changes are noteworthy departures from the encounter that players got this past year, actually the most striking quality of the mobile port was the way the Pocket Edition felt like   Final Fantasy XV. While I only played the demo for possibly about 15-20 minutes total, I still have to experience a lot of the beats that I fondly remember from my time with all  Final Fantasy XV, for example shoving the boys’ car in the beginning, eliminating desert pests for Cindy and Cid, and taking on a gigantic boss later on at the demo.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

There is still plenty remaining to be viewed from the Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV: the arrangement of its 10 episodes and the way that it will translate the narrative beats particularly is intriguing. But I came away from enjoying Pocket Edition with appreciation over anything else that it’s bringing in a game as expansive as Final Fantasy XV to portable devices, and hope the final experience has me ready to jump back into the Regalia back again.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

The second demo we played with was of course for the upcoming   Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, and while the demo experience was more-or-less the identical game from this past year, the enhanced graphical capabilities of the PC version are exactly what truly shined during the demo. Put in the beginning areas of the game (along with the off-road Type-D Regalia), the crispness and color of the first game were more obvious than ever with what I played with from the Windows Edition.   Final Fantasy XV was already a striking and stunning game, but also the Windows Edition really enables its lush visuals shine even more.

The 1 caveat that I need to point out is that our demonstration has been locked to 30fps, and so we couldn’t really get the full capacities of exactly what the game’s PC version may need to offer performance-wise, the demo still gave us a pretty fantastic indication that those desiring the most out of Final Fantasy XV can get that with the Windows Edition.

Although the massive arenas and character models seem particularly good in the Windows Edition, that which really grabbed my attention were the smaller details which the PC version of Final Fantasy XV managed to emphasize. This was also apparent when taking out the Regalia Type-D to the wilderness that is open, as I observed creatures whiz or rushed trees swaying in the wind.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition & Windows Edition Impressions -- New Ways to Play the Grand Adventure

Final Fantasy XV gave players (many) of what they needed last year when it published on PS4 and Xbox One, however people who either missed out on the name or were awaiting for the (eventual) PC release seem as though they will acquire excellent adventures from both of the game’s forthcoming new versions. The Windows Edition is certainly what I anticipated, and it made an already magnificent game look even more energetic and alive onscreen, and that I’m certain will please people looking to place their gaming rigs to the evaluation.

However, the Pocket Edition grabbed me by surprise, and sounds like it will be a remarkable faithful version of this game for mobile audiences.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is expected to arrive later this season on cellular, whereas  Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will launch on PC in early 2018.

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