Sony Interactive Entertainment launched its weekly PS4 downloads graph for its Japanese PlayStation Store, and it comes with some intriguing debuts.

You are able to check out the top-twenty graph for the seven days between October 5th and September 25th below.

Like at CellularThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III beat   FIFA 18 to the top place. You may state “duh, it’s a JRPG, obviously it defeat a western soccer game,” but many installments of this  FIFA series have been quite common in Japan, so it wasn’t that obvious.

Final Fantasy IX holds strong at third place, following a debut week at the very top. Interestingly Titanfall 2 also overtook Destiny 2, along with NieR: Automata keeps on horseback.

While Dragon Qiest XI is gone in the top-twenty for the second week in a row, even elderly iteration of the series still hold, such as  Dragon Quest X: All in One Package, which pokes back into the list after a short absence.

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