Ultra Ultra released its stealth action name  ECHO on PC previous month, however since that moment, PlayStation 4 users are eagerly anticipating further information on when the game would be coming to their games of choice. We got this information now!

On October 11, ECHO will probably be attracting its clever, constantly-learning and adjusting stealth gameplay into PlayStation 4. You will play a woman who’s spent a century in stasis on a visit, as En. When she arrives, she’s entranced by its beauty, but the Palace immediately turns hostile, mimicking her each approach to venture into its own secrets.

ECHO is currently accessible on PC for about $24.99.

Lately, DualShockers’ own Azario Lopez must spend a little time with a trailer of ECHO, studying more about its gameplay along with its own storyline. Although Azario found the gameplay to be unique and fascinating, he did stress that it could increase tired.

A new trailer for ECHO was likewise offered together with the information of its PlayStation 4 launch date. It showcases the game working on PlayStation 4 and additional particulars the game’s science fiction storyline, in addition to its ever-evolving gameplay.

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