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Now Blizzard formally unveiled the return of this Halloween Terror event for its hit game Overwatch.  

First and foremost, Symmetra, and Reaper Zarya all will receive brand new skins, although the other characters will receive exactly the skins that they got last year. Besides this Genji, Reaper, Mei Torbjorn, Ana, Reinhardt, and Winston will all be getting either emotes or highlight intros.

To celebrate the announcement of Halloween Terror, Blizzard also released a brand-new trailer, which proves some of the new skins.   Halloween Terror officially hit on the game now, October 10, 2017, and will operate until November 1, 2017, and will of course be available on all programs.

The episode was previously teased before that week, when Blizzard released an incredibly brief teaser trailer which showed of the new Reaper and McCree skins, in addition to the return of their Junkrat epidermis from this past year.

In other   Overwatch information, lately a fresh patch for the game premiered, which added a new map, and balanced a few characters.

You can check out the preview, in Addition to screenshots of the skins, below:

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