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Last week, Robot Gentleman, programmer behind 2015’s popular comedic game 60 Seconds! .  The game goes the action by a fallout shelter to a spaceship, also adds new systems like travelling and crafting. Will even feature a scavenging part like the original.

I had been flown out to Poland by Robot Gentleman for the reveal party, also had the chance to talk with Radek Smektała, a Game Designer, also  Juliusz Zenkner, the Art Director of 60 Parsecs! , the next day at Poznan Game Arena on how the programmers went about coming a successor into 60 Seconds! , Polish game advancement, and what Robot Gentleman is working on for the Nintendo Switch.

T: Considering 60 Parsecs! Was only announced, would you provide a rundown for those who don’t know more about the game?

Radek Smektała: 60 Parsecs! is a sequel/spiritual successor to 60 Seconds! , and the concept would be to expand on the nuclear space age. This 50’s nostalgia of the first game expands into space, with films like Forbidden Planet and books like that being inspirations. The point is that this moment, you aren’t in a bunker but you’re in a space shuttle, and also the little twist is that you don’t only have to survive, you also have a mission, so you’ve got some goal that you have to attain.

We put this time to a focus . They are not family this moment, and a lot is . Not all characters like every other, and that changes up the game.

T: You just stated that the four main characters are not a family this time around. Do you feel like this changes the dynamic of the story whatsoever?

RS: There’s this different measurement of attempting to keep everyone happy. Because they don ’ t understand one another they’re able to have battles, they can fall in love. This time you are just one specific character that you choose at the start, and you also become captain of this narrative, that ’ s a little different and therefore you are essentially managing their needs.

Each personality has features like strength, agility stuff like this, but additionally, it influences the way the game has been playedwith. Some people are better at certain things than others, and people can be commanded by you. Based on their skills, the outcome might differ.

60 Parsecs! Interview -- Robot Gentleman Discusses New Features, Polish Game Development, and Nintendo Switch

T: For both art style and gameplay, when creating a sequel to 60 Seconds! , what have been a few facets of 60 Parsecs! You wanted to strategy differently and improve upon?

Juliusz Zenkner: With the graphic layout, we wanted to maintain it still comic book motivated, cartoonish like outdated Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but we didn’t need to stray away from the original. What we did was change that our reference to the atomic space era. We attempted to keep it like this. With layout it is distinct, we wanted to present some new mechanisms since we all don’t wish to make precisely the identical game, we would like to make something explore new areas.

We wanted to introduce crafting, and as Radek said, the new relations between characters.   Is a typical family, however in 60 Parsecs! We wanted to introduce arbitrary characters like that are citizens of earth stuck in space, so that is sort of a different approach.

RS: They are extremely different characters. The idea is that in the fiction of the game, there’s this thing known as the Astro-Citizen Program, ” and since the space race is so intense from the universe of our game the US government decides to amuse everybody.   Everyone can use, they get training, and then they could go in space, so it contributes to certain people being recruiting which are somewhat capable, but there are also individuals which should never be allowed near a spaceship, so that’s your issue as a captain.

T: So 60 Parsecs! Still keeps a number of the dark comedy and wit of the original?

There are a number of writers this moment, I mean me *chuckles*. We worked tough to maintain this original’s tone and expand on the original sensed and not alter it too much.

JZ: Since February, that’s when the actual work started, sooner was just like talks and considering how we can approach the name. What you could see here [in Poznan Game Arena] is exactly what weve been operating since February.

60 Parsecs! Interview -- Robot Gentleman Discusses New Features, Polish Game Development, and Nintendo Switch

T: What have been a few of the very notable sci-fi and propaganda items that you pulled from for your game’s art design?

JZ: 60 Seconds! Was likewise inspired by propaganda, and here we have something similar. It’s a universe designed with the thought that this is how space was seen by people in the 50s, so naturally there’s a great deal of propaganda so far as the space race is involved. So these are our references, these astronaut propaganda! The USA is at space! ”

RS: We attempted to maintain the technology marginally plausible for your time, well near what was possible. The design of the spaceship reflects that. The adventures you’ll have in distance are really out there, like mind commanding aliens and meeting with new races. Is not off the table in our game.

T: What would you say the biggest changes to this spaceship survival parts of 60 Parsecs! You’re showing off in Poznan Game Arena are?  

RS: What we are showing in case is a mode with nearly all of the methods implemented. You’ve got just a tiny mini-adventure that you can complete, but it isn’t necessarily the identical experience that you will have in the complete game. So far as survival goes, source management and also keeping people is like the first, but enlarged. Of course, we wish to expand it more than you can view here with features like connections between the characters.

We also introduced several new items like crafting that can be present for the first time from the 60 franchise. We’ve added traveling, which is new because you may travel to different places and each location can have different adventures. You have locations, low-risk, along with high-risk, and each location has different adventures items which you may gather, therefore items aren’t random as they have been in the original. You have control over the experience.

However, to go back to the question, the part of the game, which is source management in order to keep people alive is pretty much like the first.

60 Parsecs! Interview -- Robot Gentleman Discusses New Features, Polish Game Development, and Nintendo Switch

T: While I was just able to play with the spaceship simulation component of the game, the start of each playthrough includes a scavenging, resource collecting portion like 60 Seconds! . Could you describe what this part of the game entails?

JZ: This time we are likely to make scavenging in 2D, not 3D, for a lot of reasons, but we desired to reveal more of the adventurous type of game. So 2D scavenging is going to be a different type of challenge, perhaps not challenging the space around you, as the controls are somewhat smaller, but providing you more choices. We must think about placing a story on the fashion. There’ll be many more personalities than in 60 Seconds! , but you can only take three of yourself and them, so the decisions will be a lot harder than at 60 Seconds! .  In this game, you chose whether you wished to choose your loved ones or not, but now you’ve got to determine who you are taking.

We’re still working on it, but the concept is that you then plan your route and are able to see the outline of this orbital station which you escape. It still requires twitch skills to survive, but there is more planning involved.

“folks are coming to Poland, individuals are moving from Poland to other countries embracing their games. It’s great to have this kind of more and more healthy industry in our country. ”

RS: That is a difficult subject since there’s so much happening, it’s hard to keep track anymore. At this time, at PGA, we have 120 games created by programmers. I really don’t know if I will have the ability to play them all and see each of the new ones that I harbor’t learned of. However, it has been growing, and it’s growing since Poland has this strong industry at this time in Eastern Europe, powerful, which is great. We also have a indie scene, although we have some AAA titles.

A whole lot of individuals are attempting to get to the success story, and owing to this we have a wide variety of people. People are visiting Poland, individuals are moving from Poland to other countries showcasing their games. It’s great to really have this sort of fitter and much more lively industry in our nation.

JZ: And you’re doing here, so it is possible to see that things are moving fairly well for the business in Poland.

60 Parsecs! Interview -- Robot Gentleman Discusses New Features, Polish Game Development, and Nintendo Switch

T: Has Robot Gentleman been operating on anything for Nintendo Switch?

RS:   We are working very hard on introducing 60 Seconds! To Switch right now. I believe in the few months it could occur, however that I won’t say for sure. But we have the dev kit and are working on it.

T: What are your own ideas on the system itself?  

It’s great. It’s my games console that is portable, I haven’t used any of the prior ones. Since I got it, it’s been something to play games on the move with. I really like it, and I belive this 60 Seconds! Will be very good on it as the game is excellent for travelling. For one playthrough, this ’ s ideal if you’re currently sitting on the train.

JZ: that I think it’s awesome also.

T: Is there anything that you every would like players to know till they get their hands on 60 Parsecs! ?

RS: we wish to provide them the identical experience that they had with the original game, but bigger, better, and much more epic with more options, more endings, and more little things. A great deal of systems is running, so it’s possible to play more strategically. There is enough information to plan your playthrough better, but the game is constructed in a manner that if you need to read the story and click through, you can still win the game and have fun. We are excited about it.

60! Parsecs  is slated to start on PC and “major consoles” sometime in June 2018, whilst 60 Seconds! Will likely be coming back to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the next few months.

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