Knight Terrors has players assume the use of a suit of armor known as “The Knight. ” During the game, The Knight will rush using his sword on approaching enemies to take. He is outfitted with wings which allow him progress and to fly his journey even if the ground is full of spikes.

The game features a demanding, but simple difficulty which needs players to destroy each enemy since when three pass it’s game finished. Similarly, if a player gets hit on three times the game will end.

Knight Terrors only has two-buttons to understand, which should ensure it is easy to pick up, but also may take some time to master. The game includes sprite graphics and timeless chiptunes as well as levels that are generated. Throughout the game, players will earn power-ups and unlock ways to maintain the high and allow for additional advancement into this game.

From the reveal preview, the game appears to borrow a few components from the cell game Flappy Bird, but adds new layers to create it an actual game.

You can check the reveal preview along with screenshots below:

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