Developers Camouflaj and Darkwind shown  République VR at Oculus Connect 4 now. Completely, although the name is now confirmed for Gear VR reworks each of the episodic dystopian stealth game to operate in reality. While it didn’t get an exact release date République VR will soon be launching sometime this past winter.

The VR aspects enhance the camera hacking and surveillance mechanics of the original game, as players guide a girl named Hope from a mystical centre. The developers claim that République VR is quite efficient for a single’s cellphone battery while still granting performance gains of around 30% in many of the game’s crucial locations. République VR  also supports touch-based, motion, and bluetooth device controls.

I always believed that République would work nicely in VR, and sometimes even briefly spoke about it’s possible in VR in a bit I wrote about the game and its own great use of fixed cameras annually, so I am quite curious to see  République VR  ends up.   Ryan Payton, a Designer at  Camouflaj, had the following to say about running on this particular game:

“”From the very start, the group set out to build the strangest cellular VR game.   We’re so excited to lift the veil with this project. I’m pleased to state that the hard work has paid off–République VR plays and looks absolutely magnificent despite the apparent hardware limitations.”

The vinyl edition of the soundtrack is a limited release and contains fifteen different tracks, concept artwork of this game, photos and anecdotes from the development group, and also a completely free République VR code to as it releases.

The reveal preview can be watched by you below.   République VR will launch for Samsung Gear VR (and be harmonious with the Galaxy S7 and S8) this winter.

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