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Today Koei Tecmo released a new batch of screenshots and artwork of its forthcoming game Attack on Titan 2.

To start with, we now get the first seven characters, Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Levi, Miche Zacharias, Nanaba and Gelgar’s coming. In addition, we learn that while the very first game of the show had only ten playable personality, this new one will possess over thirty. Incidentally, it’ll be the first time that we get to perform  Gelgar, Nanaba and Miche.

Eren Jaeger

Born and raised because a kid he yearns to see that the world. The death of his mother throughout the Titan breach in 845 fostered his desire to wipe that the Titans out, also consequently he combined the 104th Cadet Corps. After three decades of rigorous instruction he graduated rated fifth in his group.
Originally he wished to join the Scout Regiment rather than the Cadet Corps because of his own fascination of venturing beyond the wall and his hate of Titans. There lies a danger in which him may toss into a fit of rage while he’s strong and highly motivated.

When her parents had been murdered by thieves an uncommon descendant of the blood, when she had been a child Eren spared her entire life. Since that time she combined the Cadet Corps with him, she graduated from their class and where her talents prospered and has been inseparable from Eren.
Maintaining Eren safe means everything for her as he is her final remaining family. Where Eren is involved, and composed in critical circumstances, she has lost control of herself.

Armin Arlert

He is a childhood friend to equally Mikasa and Eren and also has a fascination of the world beyond the wall. The Cadet Corps is joined by him, and despite his concerns over his strenght, his effort allows him to endure the three years of instruction. Although he didn’t graduate at the upper percentile, he got top marks in his internship.
Timid and shy, he feels shameful of himself for consistently being shielded from Eren and Mikasa. But, his excellent ability and judgement emerge and show his potential as a soldier that is intellectual.


Lieutenant of their Scout Regiment and chief of the elite Special Operations Squad (also Called the Levi Squad) whose associates happen to be hand-picked by Levi himself. ReferredHumanity’s ” he possesses battle skills and is supposed to have the fighting strength of an whole brigade, Strongest Soldier.
He’s got a tough and neurotic personality, and while he might appear rude he has a solid sense of devotion and profoundly trusts Erwin. If the camp is not thoroughly cleaned, he is also an freak, and is unsatisfied.

Scout Regiment Section Commander, who’s the 2nd soldier that is strongest after deeply and Levi trusts Erwin. A taciturn man with all the habit of thanking someone when he meets them for the first time and then snorting a laugh out.


An experienced and highly skilled soldier even one of the elite members of the Scout Regiment. She is able to remain calm and problem orders. She’s frequently in exactly the exact same group as Gelgar and Miche, also of their Scout Regiment, and they show outstanding coordination in battle.


An experienced and skilled soldier even among the members of this Scout Regiment. The encounter he built up in battle would be clear on the battle, when facing Titans, and he shows courage. He is frequently in exactly the exact same group as Miche and Nanabaof those Scout Regiment, and they reveal exceptional coordination in battle.

In addition, we get the debut of the “Town Life” feature, that lets our personalities love their lives in-between battles. You can train, or even take the opportunity to construct new relationship with other characters.

This time around, it’s a portion of the game, as it evolves the story and develops the characters and their relationships through assignments and conversation.

It’s possible to delight in the screenshots in the gallery under, alongside artwork for each character.   If you wish to understand more, you may read our recent interview with Producer Hisashi Koinuma. More screenshots can also be seen alongside the statement of the game’so programs, and a teaser trailer is also available.

Attack on Titan 2 is going to be published in the west to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, even when we neglect’t possess a release window for the moment.

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