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Now Koei Tecmo released a batch of images of Dynasty Warriors 9, showing off four more officers in their clothing that was informal.

This time around we expect to watch Xu Zhu, Ling Tong, Liu Bei, and Xiahou Ba, within their everyday clothes. This peculiar attention to what some might find as a secondary characteristic is since Dynasty Warriors 9 is an increasingly open entire game, meaning that we’ll meet many officers when they’re not fighting, hanging out in towns and settlements, and we also’ll be in a position to have conversation with them. This ought to give an interesting and distinctive outlook on characters that are seen only on the battlefield, using a weapon in hand.

You all may see them all in the gallery at the base of the post.

On top of the pictures, the writer also introduced some audio samples available at the official site. ”

If you wish to see more about the game, you are able to take a look at  a batch of brand new screenshots, and some really sweet gameplay. You also should not forget to have a look at our recent interview with Producer Akihiro Suzuki.

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