Now Bandai Namco released a fresh batch of screenshots of the upcoming . Hack//G.U..

That having been said, before you read further (and if the warning from the headline was not enough), keep in mind that this article and the screenshots themselves include spoilers, because they’re all about the newest Volume 4, that occurs after the initial three volumes. They spoil a part of this story of Volume 4, which whether you’re new to the game, or have already played the first few volumes on PS2, before moving on, you might wish to take into account the prospective spoilers. If you wish to go in blind, maybe it’s better to return to the front page.

He will join the party following launch and Haseo manages to locate Ovan. The lock onto his left arm was eliminated, and that he comes with a “third arm” attachment. It may be used to strike in battle. While a large place can be swept by the third arm around him, he’ll fight by attacking together with his two firearms. The screenshots also stipulates.

You are able to check the screenshots below. If you wish to view more, you watch trailers including  Volume 1Volume twoVolume 3, and the new Volume 4 itself. You could even see a contrast between the new visuals on PS4  and the first on PS2, also  some uncooked gameplay from the beginning of the game  listed by yours truly at Bandai Namco’s headquarters in Shinagawa just before Tokyo Game Show.

The game will release on both the PS4 and PC (via Steam) from North America and Europe on November 3rd. The launch will happen on November 1st, 2017.

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