PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Indie developer Hypersect revealed now that players may try out Inversus Deluxe, the greatest edition of last year’s magical arcade-inspired Inversus, for free this weekend on PC via Steam. The free trial period will operate until 1pm ET on Sunday, and started at ET today.

Meanwhile, the game has been disregarded by 50%, and individuals will have the ability to pick this up for that cost until next Tuesday. In case you didn’t know, Inversus Deluxe  evolved from what was initially supposed to be a “1.5”  update, but the variant saw a title altered when Hypersect noticed just how much they were adding. Four fresh arcade channels and the twelve new maps attract the map count up to 50, and all these maps take advantage of their ammo that is newest.

A fresh style where players struggle against increasingly difficult waves of AI robots was introduced to one players, in addition to brand new 1v1 and modes in multiplayergame. This weekend populates the servers more so players could see the game’s multiplayer functions.

“Inversus has grown leaps and bounds because the foundation game started on Steam past year… Inversus Deluxe has plenty to give the Royal score chaser, the group of friends on the couch, along with the competitive online gamer. This weekend, I’m excited about introducing them into the game and bringing fresh faces and fresh life! ”

Inversus Deluxe is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One, while the PS4 version of Inversus will soon be updated next month.

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