PS4, Xbox One

Now 5pb.

The game tells the story of a reclusive NEET which sets up a site based on puzzles and the occult so as to make a living by making use of visitors.

An mechanic is that interaction with different characters will let the protagonist understand issues and words which the player may use to write blog posts.

The trailer provides a look at the blog itself, in addition to some of the members of the cast that will gravitate around our hero that is suspicious.

Since the game has been released by 5pb., that has always been quite supportive of Microsoft consoles, it’ll be launched on Xbox One in addition to PS4 and PS Vita, using launching having lately been postponed to November 9th in Japan.

At the moment, there’s no information about a western launch, which means that youll must be satisfied with the trailer below. You can also enjoy some more info from a current Famitsu article.

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