Splatoon 2‘s Splatfest goes back, and this time European players will get the chance to duke it out based on how they want their own breakfast. The event begins at 16:00 CET.

There’s the “warm” team, which includes toast, eggs, and bacon, and also the team that prefers croissants and milk, fresh fruit, and cereal.

In case you weren’t acquainted with Splatfest, the event pits two remarks against each other, allowing players to choose a side, earn a Splatfest teeshirt, and compete in multiplayer against the group.   The winning team makes a currency called Super Sea Snails, which allow them to alter the attributes that are perk . Don’t worry: the losing team gets some too.

The winner is determined votes by three classes, solo, and group conflicts. That usually means that the winning group isn’t often the very popular, since we watched in the Ketchup vs. Mayo matchup where 73 percent of players chose Ketchup and Mayo was still able to win.

For the latest Splatoon 2 information, you also can read up on the newly added Long Blaster here, in addition to a number of the new maps which were added last month.

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