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Xbox One owners that were unhappy with the fact that they weren’t able to play with  War Thunder can rejoice since the writer and writer Gaijin Entertainment have officially declared that the favorite free-to-play game will eventually be making its way into the home of Master Chief’s latest console almost a year after it formally released on other systems.

Unfortunately, not much is understood concerning the Xbox One variant, but it’s been confirmed that the game will take advantage of the Xbox One X in some manner. The PlayStation 4 Pro variant of this game supports 4K resolution, and ideally, we’ll also find that with this version.

Anton Yudintsev had this to say, while talking about the statement, the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment:

“Over 20 million players have enjoyed   War Thunder across multiple platforms and we cannot wait for Xbox One and Xbox One X owners to join the battle.”

Back in July, the game obtained a great deal of new content in the kind of new destroyers from Naval Battles, new automobiles, and also a brand-new event. As of the time of the writing, it’s unknown what kind of material we’ll see with all the Xbox One version.

The game is also available on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Linux, OS X, along with Android devices.

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