XSEED launched a brand new trailer for its Falcom developed activity RPG Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection, coming to PC-via Steam on October 31.

The newest trailer includes the main character, Ragna, who endured a plane crash and has been saved from the vampire Lady Alwen du Moonbria. After being humiliated and turned to her slave, recover her castle in addition to Ragna is requested to regain her stolen magical. Strangely, Ragnat need much convincing since he leaps at the opportunity.

Both figures are playable throughout the game, Alwen focuses on using magical based attacks that may hurt enemies from afar. Even though Ragna gets close and personal up to go in for the melee attacks. The player must switch between personalities in battle, a system located at the Ys series, as a way to attack at enemy weak points.

Combining food and saving it will provide the experience that is rewarded with bonuses.

In case you missed it, then you can check out the personality preview for Alwen.

You can watch the new character trailer under:

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