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Like most Sundays (as it’s already Monday from Japan), Gust released a brand new batch of screenshots and data of   Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings.

First of all, we really get to meet three characters.

Mirelle Ferrier Adalette, 25 years old, is the receptionist at the castle of Melville. On top of her usual job, she handles the Atelier position system on her own. She has a secret. She is the princess of the Kingdom, also Mathias sister. She alsos an wonderful princess having a bright and friendly personality, next in line to succeed to the throne. She’s the normal sister which it is possible to depend on” stereotype, and  Suelle and Lydie frequently seek her counsel.

Annette Maren has been Lydie and Suelle’s mom. She had a constitution that is frail, and then she passed out 3 years prior to the events of the game. She was able to pray for enjoyment and the security of her family.

Sister Grace is a woman serving the church. She is devout and pious, and she often hosts various events for the locals. She is apparently regretting something from her past. She is really 55 years of age, although she’s a youthful appearance. Yeah… I can completely find that (not really).

The conflict system is based on the mixture of three groups of 2, among which will be the front line, as we noticed before, and another are the back guard. Rear guard characters may have follow-up skills including healing attacks, service and much more, depending on each personality.

They’re also able to perform combo attacks when the mix gauge is full. Possessing a formation that facilitates a whole lot of combo strikes is advantageous.

We see more of the Battle Mix attributes, that lets you pick with effects triggered by means of a mix or a battle mix. It’ss crucial that you choose the appropriate things to create depending on flaws and the enemy composition.

Its also possible to produce and strengthen armor and weapons at the blacksmith. The wide variety grows with the story’s development. For weapons, then you require core parts (that determine damage) and also sub-parts, which determine special outcomes.

Last, but not least, we get to observe story events, a second world within a painting named Star Plains, and a giant enemy.

You are able to check out all of the screenshots below, and if you want to find out more, you can also enjoy the very first gameplaya recent gallery of graphics and more screenshots from a few weeks past.

The game will launch for PS4, Switch, along with PS Vita. The Japanese Vita launch will, regrettablyare the only one playable on Sony’s mobile, since the western version, that will arrive in early 2018, will bypass it in favor of PC.

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