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Before now, the manager behind Destiny 2, Christopher Barrett, recorded off some developments that the team is seeking to increase the endgame content  at a blog post about Bungie’s official website. Some new information about next week’s upgrade 1.0.6. Were also included.

The upgrade will focus on fixing an emote problem, in addition to making sure there are Guardians available to help you out in public spaces. Also, there will be changes coming to the Crucible PVP manner that’ll impact grading and spawning. Its significant to be aware that not all of the changes to the game were recorded, but they will be once the update goes live.

You can read All the patch notes that are accessible under:

  • Fixed a problem with collision detection over the Bureaucratic Walk emote
  • Fixed a problem causing players to encounter vacant public spaces also often in free roam
  • Updated Mercy Rule configurations to Permit Mercy to trigger slightly later in the match, enabling a wider range of scores to activate it.

    Destiny 2 launched earlier this week on PC and now we got some hands on time with the enhanced port  at which we must try out everything out of PVE content into the Crucible. It’ll be interesting to see if Activision’s other flagship shot  Call of Duty: World War II will have the ability to compete in sales.  

    You can check out   Destiny 2 currently on PS4, Xbox One, or even PC. Also, don’t forget to have a peek at exactly what Xur is promoting this week in-game.

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