Xbox One

With the addition of game gifting on Xbox One (at least to insiders, for today), there are a few questions hovering around at the area, and civic Vice President Xbox and Windows Gaming Platform Mike Ybarra occurred to Twitter to answer.

To start with, if you gift a game token into some buddy who doesn’t check their messages very frequently (such as me), you needn’t fret about them missing on the gift due to expiration, only because the talented characters don’t perish.

Second, in case you’re going somewhat blind, and you also have been present a game that your friends owns, they can opt to re-gift it to somebody else, or else to get Microsoft issue you a refund, and that is handy.

Do keep in mind that at the moment we don’t know if the feature will be expanded to the general userbase, as for today, its just available among insider of the circle. It s likely to reach the other circles some time a week, before everyone is eligible to enjoy it but it might take some time.

Obviously, if this occurs, we’ll allow you to understand here on DualShockers. However, a logical guess would be that it might be ready for the Holiday season.

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