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A few weeks ago, the Star Wars Battlefront II beta was first available to the public and has been met with mixed results. Though the consensus appeared to be that the gameplay and graphics were excellent, many lovers, myself included, were worried about the progression platform at the game’s multiplayer because of its inclusion of loot crates and potential pay-to-win components.

Today, EA and DICE revealed that they’ve considered this feedback from the Battlefront II beta and since they  have altered the progression system that will be observed in the game at start.

The changes Which Were summarized are as follows:

  • Epic Star Cards, the maximum grade of Star Cards available at launch,  are removed from Crates.  

  • You’ll should reach a particular position to craft upgraded Star Cards.  You won’t be in a position to obtain a bunch of Crates, grind everything up into crafting stuff, and immediately use them to find super powerful Star Cards. You may upgrade the capacity to craft tier Star Cards by standing up through playing the game.

    Weapons are secured behind specific milestones.   As a select few will be found at  Crates, the rest can only be achieved by drama. Want to unlock a new weapon to your own Heavy? Play as a Heavy and you’ll gain access to the course’s new weapons.

  • Class-specific gear and things could be unlocked by playing as them.  As you progress through your favorite class, you’re hit milestones granting you class-specific Crates. These will include a combination of Star Cards and Crafting Parts to benefit your course’s development.

As someone who was very worried about the progression system found in the beta, those changes seem to fix a couple of concerns that I had. Making it into where players may’t update their Star Cards unless they’re of a high enough level guarantees that those who pour large amounts of money into the game at start won’t be in a position to instantly upgrade their personalities without first playing enough to progress in level.

Locking firearms behind milestones is also a change that I much prefer, as someone who discovered the Hutt Contracts system within the 2015 version of Battlefront to be persuasive. Epic Star Cards’ removal can be also a choice as well as making it into where players who need particular gear associated with a class should have to perform as that class said equipment.

Its good to find that EA and DICE were ready to listen to criticisms of the beta and make adjustments where they believed were required. EA states that although these are the changes they are implementing for launching, upon going 27, the machine will continue to be iterated and improved. Hopefully fans find these alterations to be satisfactory and will now focus on the thing which we all knew was good from the Battlefront II beta — that the gameplay.

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