The previously PlayStation-exclusive JRPG, World of Final Fantasy, will Probably Be making its way into PCs Ahead of the New Year, according to an announcement by Programmer Square Enix. Almost a year after the game launched for PlayStation 4 along with PlayStation Vita, the news comes as a surprise announcement to anyone after the name.

In today’s media release, Square Enix detailed that World of Final Fantasy is going to be published in under a month — on November 21, 2017. Better still, protagonists and sisters Reynn and Lann will soon be treated to the normal Steam enhancements: STEAM Trading Cards, Achievements, keyboard/controller assistance, along with an “extensive list of bonus mythical characters and creatures, including Sephiroth, Balthier, White Chocobo and Glow Moogle. ”

Even better for people champing at the bit to pick up the game early, Square Enix is offering a Day One Edition through Steam for everyone grabbing the game ahead of the game’s next November 28, 2017. Grabbing the title before then will award you a soundtrack sampler and background. Nice bonus, although obviously not bonuses.

World of Final Fantasy is another offshoot of the mainline Final Fantasy games, featuring chibi animation along with a weird and interesting battle mechanic surrounding stacking your companions on your own head to construct a better-equipped and well rounded team.   Ever since then, limited promotional upgrades have added several fan favorites into the series — such as  Kingdom Hearts’ Sora.

Take a Look at the PC invoice trailer, under:

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