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Even the  Destiny community has seen better days. Partially rocked by allegations of a particularly harsh XP climbing system, the neighborhood has been airing their grievances during livestreams and the committed Reddit communities — so much so that Bungie issued a statement that approaches and   Destiny 2‘s in-game market would be getting new modifications, to be announced this week.

In a developer blog article dubbed “The Condition of Destiny 2,” Luke Smith and Chris Barrett took into the community to report that we’d be receiving a litany of upgrades, including timelines for previously-revealed alterations and newly-added ones.

To begin the update, the development group struck a reconciliatory tone together with the persistent  Destiny 2 fanbase, stating they will Make Certain to cater especially to them:

Moving Destiny 2’s post-launch game systems and upgrades are being designed to concentrate on and encourage players that need Destiny to be their hobby — that the game they come back to, and a game in which friendships are made. We need Destiny to be a game that fits into your daily life, supplying reasons to you to log in and play along with families, clans, and your pals. We need Destiny to be.

Bungie subsequently said that all rollouts are happening in a three-tier push — the very first upgrade being next week on December 5, 2017. That update will include brand new armor ornaments to provide customization that is distinct for the armor bits. Unlike exotic weapon decorations, completing goals will unlocks these armor decorations and will be available for every Guardian on a single account.

Banshee — the lovable robotic weaponsmith — will now accept armor and weapon modifications to help you start clean your inventory. In addition to that mods will probably be available for purchase if you’re looking for particular ones. And that direct buy isn’t Master Rahool will sell both well-known Engrams for Legendary Shards.

In addition to that, Reputation Tokens will soon be receiving some changes. In this blog’s words:

  • Daily Challenges will have Reputation Token awards increased throughout the board
  • Cayde’s Treasure Chests still Provide varying benefits, but now promise (at minimum) a payout of destination appropriate Reputation Tokens
  • Strikes will fall a larger Quantity of Vanguard Reputation Tokens
  • Common Excellent Destination Resource Tokens will possess their drop rates increased to 100%, and worth per cent improved as well (by 50 percent for average Superior Tokens and 250% for rare Excellent Tokens)
  • On the balance, Reputation required per Reward Engram increases for Destination Factions (+37 percent) and also Gunsmith (+50%)
  • Leviathan Raid Tokens will be redeemed in Benedict immediately upon obtaining a Token, Rather than requiring a full clear before unleashing

The update rollout will be. Masterworks (similar to Exotics) may have a couple advantages, including a in-game counter including kills, orb generation (to charge Supers), along with other weapon stats. All these Masterwork weapons will drop such as a concept you can assess the image below, out of Legendary engrams:

Bungie Announces Major Destiny 2 Overhauls, Beginning Next Week

Xur will start to bring a few exotics that are fresh to his weekly celebration. Including “Fated Engrams” with famous shards which will decrypt into exotics. Not only that, however Three of Coins will reportedly be more constant, taking out (utilizing Bungie’s own words) “obscure piling mechanisms” or the need to apply between bosses.

Other (maybe less noteworthy options) include Present consumables that will help you more readily get Legendary Shards and UI updates with vendor benefits. In addition to this, players will have the ability to exploit chests and nodes a little more.

Last but not least, they’ve put out a few things coming which players can count on. These include:

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