The trailer is in 360 degrees, so you can type of go through the game by simply moving the camera around with the mouse, and you can use a VR headset or Google Cardboard how it will do the job.

The game was developed from the series’ conventional studio  Delightworks with Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it will contain its own narrative

The trailer features, of course, popular protagonist and “servant” Mashu Kyrielight as she participates with the virtual environment. In addition to this, we also receive a screenshot of the following setting that will be add in the game, and a glance at a PS4 motif and avatar which will be spread to PlayStation Plus contributors between December 6th and Mach 6th, 2018.

The game itself will be free, dispersed on the PlayStation Store. It will launch on December 6th, and in the moment we don’t know if and when it’ll receive a american localization.

For the moment, you can check out the video below.   If you want to see more,  you can also   like a prior  trailer, and also the first  statement from January.

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