Today Cloud Imperium Games released a second video of its upcoming shuttle Star Citizen.

This time round, the video focuses on the earliest boat manufacturer from the Star Citizen world, Roberts Space Industries.

The second ship is your RSI Orion, which is currently the mining ship in the game. As a matter of fact, the ship has been scaled up to almost double its original size.

Ultimately, we go away from stores and to ground vehicles with all the Ursa Rover. It s interesting to see how size constraints influenced its design, as it has to fit in the cargo bay of a Constellation.

The anniversary purchase proceeds, and the game’s crowd-funding tally has reached $. Registered players are at 1,923,590.

Its worth mentioning that of the ship sales are completely optional, giving ways to encourage development to backers. Every one of the ships will be available to purchase with in-game credits.

You can check out the video below, and also for the interest of full disclosure, remember that the writer of the article is one of the backers of the game.

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