Independent studio The Game Bakers introduced their fast-paced activity title   Furi for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 back in July 2016 to some compliments. 1 platform has yet to find the game’so release, but according to the development team, that’s soon to change.

Furi will deliver its lightning-fast gameplay to Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2018, according to a statement released by the developer. For Creative Director Emeric Thoa, releasing the game to the Nintendo platform is about more than simply hitting on the item. It’s about not allowing the frustration of reduction conquer you.

Furi is a game that’s constantly taunting you. There is something personal about a boss fight. And being interrupted is much more annoying than shedding. But with all the Switch, you can take the game and all of its boss fights along with you wherever you move. ”

Furi was created to be a sort of “love letter” into the Japanese titles that The Game Bakers have discovered most influential.

To learn more on Furi, you may visit the game’s official site. Here you can find the announcement trailer revealing the game’s Nintendo Switch launch.

In September, DualShockers chose the time to ask The Game Bakers a few questions about their fifth released game. Throughout that time, the team also announced that it had no plans to make a sequel for the name.

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