Hardly any fledgling indie games possess the overwhelming community service which  Stardew Valley has seen. Fortunately, the game’s programmer Eric Barone and writer Chucklefish have pushed out a fresh upgrade with expected fixes plus a new Nintendo Switch feature recording.

According to  Stardew Valley’s official dev website, patch 1.2.36 is a fix with a few attributes that have already been declared, such as that a 32% decrease in load times for saves. The big announcement is unquestionably the capability to capture video, a feature quickly turning into a fan-favorite and frequently mentioned by developers to your console.

The game’s update largely includes a bunch of bug fixes, even involving problems that are sound, removing the capacity to skip crashes, saves and more. For an entire list of changes, then check out the full patch notes below.

As mentioned above, Stardew Valley was a PC-exclusive indie darling that’s a mix between RPG and a farming simulator. The title started on February 24, 2016 consoles after that year. Check out the Entire list of updates, under:

  • Players need to see a substantial improvement on save times! In addition, the saving display is animated.
  • The new   movie recording feature is now supported!
  • After a control connects or disconnects, the Controller Support Applet now seems to request which controller you wish to use to play the game, instead of silently switching to the new control.
  • The game now detects Simplified / Traditional Chinese environments on first start up and defaults to the Simplified Chinese localisation instead of English.
  • Fixed issue that generated the unintended capability to bypass saving at night with a well-timed button media.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player character (and sometimes important NPCs) to seem off-screen during certain cutscenes.
  • Fixed a temporary gentle lock which occurred when the player pressed B and A together while drinking or eating an item.
  • Fixed a way for players to temporarily eliminate access to fundamental tools via the torso interface’s arrange button.
  • Fixed the incorrect tooltips occasionally appearing on the bundle interface in the Community Center region.
  • Fixed the inability of players to fall items without deleting them when employing the cursor mode that snaps into UI components.
  • Morning songs is not looped endlessly, and now fades out during the day as it must.
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when opening the diary without a quests.
  • Fixed occasional inability to pick specific items from the crafting menu.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when pressing on the ‘-‘ button if playing a minigame in the Saloon.
  • Fixed button controllers for your Prairie King minigame shooting in the incorrect direction.
  • Fixed intermittent left channel audio crackling
  • Fixed lack of vibration from handheld manner

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