Today Vanillaware published a brand new trailer for its coming Dragon’s Crown remaster, Dragon’s Crown Guru.

This time round we get another character-dedicated movie focusing on the course that has essentially become synonymous with Dragon’s Crown, the generously endowed Sorceress.

Her magic is seen by us in action, from strikes to more complex ones that let you transform a bunch of enemies into frogs, or unleash the fury of a hurricane using a wave of your wand.

It is possible to check out the trailer only below. You can also enjoy a recent gallery of screenshots revealing the game’s superbly painted stages, a preview showing that the Amazon, another  focused on the Elf, along with a third video showcasing spiffy multiplayer gameplay.

For now, no western launch has been declared. That said, while Atlus is still ever-so-silent, the game has been believed to be present in PlayStation Experience, and that says that a good deal.

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