PC, PS4, Xbox One

The upgrade shows new environment screenshots demonstrating a massive improvement from the game’s evolution. The screenshots give a record of arenas and the detailed foliage which players will be able to explore. Also, the developer mentions that they have a distinctive atmosphere, which comes off as a dream world with plenty for players to find.

The programmer also offers some information about the lore of all Edge of Eternity:

Word is that the God were always there if they were had by Heryon’s people. Each time a disaster loomed, they’re not far. Times and days again, they protected the loyal .

Because it’s expected from them, now that the war with all the Archelite is at hand – they are committing their power. The nature of the help, though, is unclear : whether they are pushing the arms of their soldiers to help them dismantle machines sending or sending surnatural hurricanes to tear enemies airships nobody knows, in the skies.

Some would assert that they just won ’ t inform and that the answer is perfectly known by the Sanctuary to this query –.

In addition, a few were detailed. These creatures have two unique versions: Monster and Infected. With the infected version of the creature being the two’s intimidating by far. From the new screenshots players may preview Dunnrïr and the Orokko.

The developer is currently working on announcing.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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