PS4 themes founders extraordinaire in Truant Pixel and the PS2 dash for quite a while happen to be courting. Back in 2016 they released a homage to it called Blue Nebula, also earlier this year they showcased a prototype mentioning that it would never pass Sony’s approval due to legal reasons.

The subject is supposed to simulate performance of the PlayStation 2 Dashboard, and “ the sights, sounds. ”

A fully-recreated boot arrangement is offered by the theme, even in case the PlayStation 2 logo replaced using a “mid-boot ‘’ which varies randomly with every login, Easter Egg. ”

Crystal clock and the seven stars are also present, such as dynamic surface and lighting effects, with color shifting. All of the sounds are recorded from the original hardware in high quality.

The theme runs at 1080p and 60 frames per minute, and it’s been made with 4K displays in your mind. It will be published on December 6th in both North America and Europe for about $2.99 or $2.99.

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