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If you’re wondering when we’ll hear some thing fresh about Sea of Thieves, the answer is “very shortly,” as common now by Xbox Games Marketing   General Manager Aaron Greenberg through Microsoft’s Extra Life marathon on Mixer.

Greenberg said that he “certainly encourages people to tune-in for The Game Awards” since there will be “some more news on Sea of Thieves there. ”

He didn’t specify further details but there are tons of possibilities. Considering that the technical alpha is going to end, itso probable that peoplell hear about the beta, or maybe well eventually find more info about the release of this game. And take this with the customary grain of salt this is just my speculation.

At the meanwhile, if you wish to see more of the game, you  may also delight in the most recent gameplay recorded by the developers, also a  recent gameplay preview topped by the #BeMorePirate hashtag,  the previous trailer  showing the latest content update, the weapon in New York Comic Con  using the reveal of the Pirate Code, another trailer  explaining what the game is all about, one more gameplay video, and   a gallery of semi-recent screenshots.

No release date was announced for now.

The Game Awards will be broadcasted in the Microsoft Theater. The show will start at 5:30 PM PST or 8:30 PM EST..

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