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It’s time of the year again, and you also’re currently called to decide DualShockers’ highest annual honor, the Game of the Year 2017 – Reader’s Choice Award.

Naturally, at DualShockers we appreciate our opinion but finally we’re just a whole lot of writers who adore games. That’s why our Reader’s Choice awards have traditionally become (both for relevant trade series and for the yearly awards) our many important awards. We’ll have our staff-voted awards as well, however there’s a great deal more of you than that which is people, so this award will stand tall on top of the record, as the collective expression of the will of our subscribers combined with ours. Each of our authors can vote as well, casting a single taste just enjoy every one of you.

Below, you’ll find a form to vote for your favourite game (it is possible to find it if you are on mobile).   To be able to limit spam, then you are going to be asked to log in to a google account for those who are not already. If you do not have one, which makes it is pretty simple and very fast.

Expansions aren’t eligible.

While we adore Japanese games, only releases at the west are entitled, to avoid games appearing for two years in a row. For instance. It would not make sense to ask you to vote for   Dragon Quest XI as Game of The Year, since most of you will play it in 2018.

Asian market releases in English have been included where appropriate if a western discharge is confirmed as not occurring, or extremely unlikely.

Since you’ll probably notice, the listing is very long. We determined that it would not make much sense to allow you to vote for your game of the year, but only within the nominees we  like. So while it had been pretty much impossible to incorporate every game published in 2016 (even simply because there isn’t enough space in our brains for all) we attempted to give you as many options as humanly possible. That having been said, in case you’d like to vote to get a game that isn’t on the list, let us know in the comment, and we’ll do our best to add it.

Titles are also listed in constantly changing random sequence, to avoid giving benefits to every other. The order that you see will be different from everybody  else. Do be sure to media “submit” in the bottom of the list after making your choice, also it won’t be registered.

You will also observe that there are tons of games which didn’t review very well on the list. It’s not the place to tell you what you need or should not like. Yet, we apologize if we missed or forgot games that you might love. After all, we’re only human.

You’re given the ability to change your vote at any moment before the cutoff period, which will be December 31st, at 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time. People change their mind all the time, therefore we don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t have the ability to change your vote here.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Get votes, and don’t hesitate to let us know your favorites from the comments. Incidentally, don’ t forget to vote for our marginally tongue-in-cheek (although not really) “Best Waifu and Best Husbando 2017” general election. That was started yesterday.

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