The Holidays tend to be fairly hard on the PlayStation Network isn’t new to issue during the Christmas period.

A lengthy portion of those servers has influenced users because before today, made worse by the fact that the majority of the game’s features rely on connectivity to even get the job done.

A few hours past, According to Producer Kazunori Yamauchi, recovery has started by the hands of their PlayStation Network group in North America. Apparently the problem was that the PSN found a huge volume of traffic from several Gran Turismo Sport consumers as an assault on the network itself.

Fortunately, now the servers come back on line, and we can restart racing as normal.

Apparently the Christmas period alongside the recent patch that finally executed the single-player GT League invited a significant number of individuals to play the game, sufficient to trigger a reaction from the community.

Incidentally, because now is Christmas, you can see one of those newest seasonal scapes on peak of the post. It’s Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, and that I feel the shot was shot last year since I was there also and I recognize the decorations.

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