Among the very creative arms of Sony Interactive Entertainment stays the Japanese home turf, and at a huge group interview on the Japanese website 4Gamer, a number of developers in various roles teased what’s coming to them in 2018 and beyond.

VR, teased in 2018 he wishes to take on new challenges like the statement of a rigorous game and the beginning of full-scale development of a  brand new project in the concept stage.

Gravity Rush Director Keiichiro Toyama said he 2018 is going to be a time for him to continue using trial and error working towards a brand new game. Regrettably there won’t really be a opportunity to provide new information for a while, but he plans to work daily bearing in mind the topic of coexistence of imagination and amusement, and he expects that fans can look forward to it in the long term.

Senior Game Designer Takamitsu Ijima, that recently worked on Knack along with Knack II, mentioned that he thinks that 2018 will be “a time for sowing,” likely meaning that he’ll do preliminary work for games which will potentially be declared beyond next year.

Senior Producer Yusuke Watanabe, who also worked on Knack II, clarified that 2018 will be a season of preparation, where he would love to work ambitiously on fresh challenges.

Senior Producer Kentaro Motomura, that shipped Everybody’s Golf this calendar year, teased new information coming from 2018 on the new Wild Arms cellular game announced in 2016 below the Forwardworks  tag, as well as unannounced games that he expects to be able to present.

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