Last week’s Japan revenue data was published yesterday via   Media Creates, which revealed Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Odyssey at the top of the earnings list for the week leading up to Christmas. For the week alone, the Nintendo handheld home console offered 269,684 in Japan, which is five times more than the second place competitor, PlayStation 4. However, what’s more notable is how the earnings compare with a past juggernaut.

As many know, the Nintendo Switch has been selling faster than stores can stock them on shelves. Another console that offered equally in its hay day was the PlayStation 2. But, based on book Switch Soku (via Famitsu), that the Switch’s very first calendar year available in Japan has surpassed the PlayStation 2’s.

Both consoles have been published in March of the respective year — PlayStation 2 in 2000 and Nintendo Switch in 2017. Although the PS2 still offered more consoles during the opening in 885,023 compared to Switch’so called 524,371, the total in the conclusion of the year goes to Nintendo Switch. By the end of December 2000, the PS2’s total sales for the year ended at 3,016,622. The Nintendo Switch has totaled at 3,258,083 units at December 24.

With a variety of bundles and excess Christmas gift cash, that number may actually increase by a significant degree before the last week of December’s numbers arrive in. Obviously the Nintendo Switch has done very well for itself through its first year of release.

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