Following the intriguing reveal of Shin Megami Tensei V, many are wondering about the kind of development progress there was on the game, and when we’ll listen to more.

Now, as part of a massive New Year group interview, the Western site 4Gamer got a response from Shin Megami Tensei series Producer Kazuyuki Yamai.

Yamai-san explains that this is actually the first time on a very long time plus a numbered Shin Megami Tensei game gets released on consoles, so he intends to build it properly, without any compromise.

At present, details have been stuffed up, artwork is being generated, and the procedure is in the “scrap and build” stage, iterating the gameplay to the true console. In addition, we hear that he’d like to have a proper reveal whenever you can, and he would be pleased if fans may be patient for a while.

For all those unfamiliar with the “garbage and construct” expression, it’s actually rather typical of Japan. It’s a very relevant neighborhood concept for architecture and urban development: instead of renovating buildings, the Western frequently prefer to knocking them down and build entirely new ones around the land. Basically, the staff is in a stage of iteration and trial and error. It certainly fits the “no compromise” policy cited by Yamai-san.

If you wish to see more of the game (basically everything you’ll need to visit), you are able to check out the teaser trailer released in October.

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