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It’s not too often you see a brand new Sega Mega Drive game (with cartridge) Inside this day and age — despite the arrival of Kickstarter projects. However, that is exactly what an programmer Bitmap Bureau is hoping to do with Xeno Crisis. And today, due to some other stretch goal milestone the games could be making it out into a current gen consoles too — specifically PC (via Steam) and the Nintendo Switch.

For people who haven’t heard of that the Kickstarter effortXeno Crisis is a old-school, co-op top-down shooting game that brings inspiration from 80’s and 90’s titles like   Contra and   Shock Troopers. But this isn’t at which the 80’s inspiration ends, since originally the game was only intended to release to Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, or electronic variations for emulators. The programmer, Bitmap Bureau, aren’t novices to growing given they’ve grown  88 Heroes as well as   Ninja Showdown.

But the game has long since passed their first $27,000 goal, currently hitting $77,910 (in the time of writing). And alongside the influx of assistance, Bitmap Bureau has declared that the game could be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, linking Sega Dreamcast. Nevertheless, the new upgrade doesn’t end there — we also got a brand-new video showing off gameplay along with retro-inspired action.

Weirdly enough, although the Nintendo Switch and PC version isn’t formally attained yet, Bitmap Bureau has started backer tiers for anyone attempting to pre-order the model to PC or Switch. They look confident they’ll hit the landmark, provided there’s no contingency plan for all those backers if they don’t reach the target.

Xeno Crisis will soon be accessible to backers on October 2018 for emulators; meanwhile, those awaiting physical capsules, the PC, or the Nintendo Switch variant will need to wait till January 2019. Check out the new trailer below:

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