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Now, video game publisher Rebellion Developments kicked their 2018 announcements by showing they had obtained fellow British Developer Radiant Worlds for an undisclosed sum. The studio’s name has been altered to Rebellion Warwick, and it luckily seems like most of Radiant Worlds’ 70 employees are remaining on board following the transition.

For those who don’t know, Radiant Worlds was set in 2013 by      Andrew Oliver, Philip Oliver, and Richard Smithies. Unfortunately, after publication Smilegate pulled from this project last August, development on SkySaga: Infinite Isles ceased. Not much has been heard about the company since then, before this purchase announcement now.

Phillip Oliver commented about the acquisition, and seems happy to have united Rebellion:

“We have known the Kingsleys for many years and have always had enormous respect for the company they have built. We know our core values of creativity, passion, and ambition have been mirrored by Rebellion, and we’re excited to become a part of the awesome team. ”

Jason Kingsley, Co-Founder and CEO of Rebellion, also commented on the acquisition:

“To bring such great individuals to the business, just after our 25th birthday, is very remarkable.   It has been a wonderful season for us and we’ve got a whole lot of strategies to make 2018, 2019 and past bigger and much larger years for Rebellion.”

As for the near future of Rebellion Warwick they will assist in the development of many future Rebellion titles, immediately   starting work on Strange Brigade, a 1930’so called co-op shot that has been revealed annually.

DualShockers will be sure to let you know when any one of Rebellion Warwick’s future projects are unveiled.

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