PC, PS4, Switch

CreSpirit declared that Winking Entertainment may publish the 2D activity side-scrolling game Rabi-Ribi into Nintendo Switch.

Rabi-Ribi places players in charge of Erina, a regular everyday bunny who is turned into a human with bunny features. The game contains 2D activity with Metroidvania  elements where players can get access to areas as the game progress and Erina gains new skills. Erina is combined by a pink-haired fairy named Ribbon, who follows Erina and aids here with numerous obstacles.

Rabi-Ribi has multiple difficulty settings and over 60 items and upgrades available throughout the game.

There are over 40 supervisors and the publisher states that there are over 1000 attack routines. Additionally, Boss Rush Mode is offered which makes it possible for players to try to have each boss back to back.

Added content includes speedrun style and in which the player cannot control the main character and a unique soundtrack that fits the retro-inspired action game.

Rabi-Ribi is accessible now on PC-via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vitaalong using a bodily PlayStation 4 launch available Europe.

You can watch the Nintendo Switch announcement trailer below which shows the game running on Switch hardware:

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