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Now Koei Tecmo published a fresh set of gameplay trailers for its forthcoming open-world Musou game Shin Sangokumusou 8, which will be published in the west as Dynasty Warriors 9.

As we have seen quite a few other trailers earlier, the clips concentrate on a single character, showing their deadly moves (and sadly the video quality is obviously pretty nasty, I’m not certain why). This time round the spotlight will be really on Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Taishi Ci, Ma Chao, Jia Chong, and the sexy Zhurong.

You can check out the screenshots below.     If you want to see more, you can enjoy a few screenshots including the teahouse, the most recent  personality show and preceding gameplay trailers, a previous  group of personality trailers, a recent   heap of screenshots focusing on furnishing hideoutsmore persona moviesthe newest broad trailera couple more character trailers along with brand new characters introduced that a fewweeks ago, another batch of character trailers which were the first published of this bunch,  yet another  release of art showcasing a even more charactersmore officers in the last gallery, and yet another  a second batch of screenshots showing another group of characters and  the very first look at the hideouts.   Should you’re considering the inner scoop, it is possible to even browse our recent meeting with Producer Akihiro Suzuki.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will launch in Japan on February 8th, solely for PS4. The western launch will occur just a few days after, on February 13th. From the west, we will also get two extra platforms: Xbox One, and PC.

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