Now Bandai Namco Entertainment introduced a brand new trailer for the upcoming tank anime game Girls UND Panzer Dream Tank Match.

This trailer is the moment of a recently-introduced series presenting the tanks out there for each of the colleges in the anime which will appear in the game.

This time round, we get to observe the vehicles from the Italian-inspired Anzio Girls High School, and also obviously, we get a food conversation thrown in the middle. After all, what do you expect from a school whose group is created by girls called, Anchovy, Carpaccio, Pepperoni, along with Amaretto? It’s even funnier when you listen to that a Japanese voice actress hoping to pronounce words from Italian, even though it isn’t half as amusing as the typical American.

Among the tanks featured we watch that the CV 33 Carro Veloce, the M 41 Semovente, and the significant of this bunch, the P 26/40.

You can check out the trailer below.   If you wish to see more, you can also enjoy the earlier trailer specializing in this British-inspired St. Gloriana Girls High Schoola recent   batch of 1080p screenshots  showing the stunts which can be carried out together with all the tanks (like the CV 33’s Napoli Switch), the latest trailer with English subtitles,   more screenshots, also a  watch in multiplayer gameplay, also  the very first trailer.

The game will launch in Japan on February 22nd, also in Asia on February 27th. The Asian version will come with English subtitles, so you don’t should be concerned too much about the shortage of a western launch statement.

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