As genres are still blur across the gaming business, indie developer Spearhead Games is doing their best to pioneer a genre they are labeling the “story puzzle game. ” In doing so, they’ve shown their newest job: Omensight. And based on the statement trailer alone, it seems like there is a great deal to get excited about with the game.

Sporting a (apparently) comparable artstyle into  PyreOmensight requires the expression revisionist history to another extreme. Players take on the part of this “Harbringer,” that an extra-chronological being who is looking to reverse the destiny of war-ravaged Urralia. Utilizing this ability to change the previous — the “Omensight” — you can match with key players in the worlds history, befriend (or maim) them and adjust the fictional world for the better.

While that sounds like the installment of a Telltale-like adventure story, Spearhead has noted that there will be battle inside the game. More specifically, once the choices you turn off, the player will have the ability to use the Harbringer’s sword to manipulate time-shifting magic.

The team creating  Omensight aren’t novices to the field, and instead this project is acting as an expansion of player notes in the programmer’s previous games. According to Creative Director Malik Boukhira:

When we released Stories: The Route of Destinies in 2016, we were thrilled with the response to its narrative structure.   That which we prefer to call the ‘narrative mystery’ will extend to a selection of diverse characters in   Omensight, and we can’t wait to see how players navigate the intricacies of these characters’ actions and reactions to solve the mystery of Urralia’s demise.

Not only that, however, the game features a voice-acting cast that draws from the  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  (Patricia Summersett — Princess Zelda) and   We Happy Few (Julian Casey — Uncle Jack), as well as script-writing support in the lead author of Fallout: New Vegas (Chris Avellone).

To kick off the announcement, Spearhead Games has unveiled a statement trailer that highlights the art direction, voice acting, and also quite basic dialogue of this story. It is possible to check out that trailer below.

Presently, the game is well known to get a PC-only launch sometime in 2018. Check out both the statement gallery and trailer below:

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