Because of the large success of games like   PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and the many other popular names on the service, Steam has just had a banner year concerning player counts and numbers, with the service using hit on a new album for players online at once.

Within the last couple of times, Steam has hit on a fresh concurrent players listing of 18.5 million players to kick 2018, which is up from the prior list of 16 million players who the agency hit back in October of this past year.

This figure represents the amount of players using the service in the same time and while that means that not everybody on is necessarily enjoying a game (and can only just be logged into Steam), it’s still an impressive figure and also a substantial bump from its preceding record.

Of course, a huge percentage of this may be tied into the games that have always ranked among Steam’s highest concurrent player counts, together with the reigning winner  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still topping the charts. At the time of the record being struck, PUBG accounted for almost three million players being in-game on Steam, which easily eclipsed a few of the top acting games on the platform such as   Dota two and more.

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