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One of these developers was dreadful  Toybox, that disregarded its point-and-click adventured game Thimbleweed Park to $14.99 as part of the sale. Following this sale dropped off, several of the game’s programmers held an AUA (Ask Us Anything) about /r/NintendoSwitch, which some intriguing information was shown by Thimbleweed Park developer Ron Gilbert.

For people who don’t understand, Ron Gilbert worked on several popular LucasArts adventure games such as The Secret of Monkey Island and co-founded Humongous Entertainment, famous for series like Putt-Putt and Pajama Sam. When asked about the way Thimbleweed Park sold on Switch throughout the AUA, he gave a bit of insight on how it has done. Even though we did not Acquire Certain sales numbers, he’d show that Thimbleweed Park marketed best on PC and Nintendo Switch:

Even though PC being the leading platform for sales isn’t surprising, as adventure games are extremely much at home on that platform, the game doing as well as it did on Switch is astonishing  to me. Point-and-click adventure games aren’t anything that you generally associate with Nintendo consoles, along with the Switch was really the last console that the game made its way into.

That having been said, he does say in a different AUA reaction  that “the most enthusiast excitement” came from the statement of a Nintendo Switch variation, therefore there should have been quite a little anticipation for that type of the game.

Later on in the AUA, the engaging developers were asked about bringing any of the future projects to Nintendo Switch. Ron Gilbert gave the commented that the following, which is very hopeful for Nintendo fans of his:

“Switch is fantastic, I can’t imagine not discharging our next game onto Switch. ”

If you wish to see DualShockers’ ideas on the name, you can check out our review.  

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