Now Koei Tecmo and DMM updated their PC game Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation with a new Occasion and new Outfits.

It rewards players with SSR tokens (eight of which type a ticket which guarantees that an SSR draw), fad tickets and upgrade jewels. A brand new story cutscene was also added to coordinate with the function.

All you gotta do would be to play games in the event area, and you also’ll accrue points which may, then, give your rewards. Playing with guest women from players to your buddy list will even provide bonus points.

A brand new gacha was also included, such as the Margarita costume for Kasumi and the Martini costume for Marie Rose. The first is an SSR having a 0.43% draw rate while the second is an SR using a 2,85% attraction rate. Their component is Appeal, making them quite desired. Trend tickets earned through the occasions (alongside the usual stone) can be employed to draw from the gacha.

As a further element of this update, a key prompt has been added throughout gameplay, as a shield against spiders.

Below you can enjoy some screenshots of their new costumes. If you want to actually play the game, which is only in Japanese, you may have a look at our useful guide. On the other hand, should you want a giggle, you can have a look at the outrageously overpriced oppai mousepads specializing in the game.

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