After a fairly lengthy wait and temporarily dropping PlayStation VR  support, D3Publisher’s quirky apartment manager simulator Happy Manager is finally releasing in Japan tomorrow, January 11th.

To be able to observe, the writer is doing a few healthy nickel and diming with a few day one DLC bundles focused on each otaku’s feeble point: pendants.

Shizuka will have three outfits: “Sexy Knit” is the inevitable keyhole sweater using a generous cleavage window (coming in Black, White, and Pink), “Sports Swimwear – White” is just what it says on the tin, also “Personal Clothes – Dark Brown” are a brown version of her customary sleeveless shirt and skirt combo.

Barbara Kristine also gets another color as a result of this “Hakusaki High School Summer Uniform – Pink,” that’s a pink version of the normal yellow uniform.

Last, Himari understands a “Room wear – Gray,” which is another color of her regular outfit as well.

All sets price 300 yen ($2.7), excluding the “Sexy Knit” place, which may cost 500 yen ($4.5). This is entirely since it comes in numerous colours, and entirely not because it’s the outfit everyone will want to buy.

You may check out all the outfits beneath in a gallery of 1080p screenshots. If you want to view more, it is also possible to enjoy the latest feature reveal that will likely reveal that that keyhole sweaters are merely the tip of this iceberg.

No western release was announced for the moment.

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